What’s up with these plugins?

I pretty much stopped developing these two plugins for WordPress. In fact, I even turned off the Wiki Plugin on this site. Why? These days, I don’t have the will to work with PHP; I am currently into Java for professional reasons, and into Python for “leisure” time. And WordPress has become such a moving target recently (1.3, 1.5, yeah, let’s break everything every five minutes, that’s certainly the way to go… HURD anyone?), I’d very much like to migrate to something else when I have the time, it’s just not funny anymore.

However, I keep receiving feedback for these plugins, and I think the ideas are good. The Wiki one is a killer, if only someone had the time, skill and patience to do it right (i.e. without regular expression hackery); and WPVersionControl has been loved by quite a few daring testers. They both need work, maybe even a complete re-writing, but the potential is still there, so I encourage everyone to download the source and play with it.

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