Something New For The Groom to Be – Eastern European Stag Parties

eastern european stag partyWhen you look for a fresh destination for a memorable group excursion, to get out of the familiar territory of the UK, consider Eastern European stag parties. You will find many special opportunities.

Whether it is seeing the sights in a new way or getting an adrenaline rush from a unique activity, Eastern Europe destinations promise long-lasting memories of exciting experiences. When you want to step beyond mere nightclub crawling with babes and booze, check out some of the opportunities offered in these cities.

Budapest, Hungary, frequently called “the Paris of the East” (which should give you a hint of its social life at least) sits on the banks of the Danube River.

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, it features thermal springs, a fabulous cavern system, and of course the “beautiful Danube.” One of the most entertaining ways a party of friends can see this enticing metropolis is by way of “beer-biking.”

These specialized bikes are designed to seat up to 14 people on either side of a bar, where they can sit, pedal, drink and enjoy the sights including ancient architecture and the many lovely ladies that call Budapest their home!

The (sober) driver will take the party on a unique tour of the city, giving you the leisure of the bike speed and the pleasure of a drinking party. If you want something more exciting, take advantage of the opportunity of having your own Trabant Retro Rally.

The Trabant, an icon of Eastern European engineering, will excite your competitive streak with its inefficient two-stroke engine and light-weight Duroplast frame.

Your party can run its rally through the Hungarian streets (with the potential added adventure of getting lost in the notorious vehicle). Budapest provides you a beautiful location for an offbeat adventure.

beer partySofia, the capital of Bulgaria, can give your stag party a starting point for an extreme sport adventure of whitewater river rafting. From the city, your party can venture into the strikingly beautiful valleys of the countryside for close encounters with the powerful rivers of Bulgaria.

Be prepared to meet high waters, jagged rocks and an excursion that will remain inadventurers memories for years to come. But if the prospect of getting wet in roiling water doesn’t appeal, consider outdoor go-karting. Sofia boasts one of the best karting tracks in Europe.

The karts can reach speeds of 60 km/hr. with their 200cc engines. You can give the phrase “friendly competition” a whole new edge during a few circuits of the course.

Brno, in the Czech Republic, also offers many outdoor opportunities for fun and adventure. One such highlight is a wild course for quad biking.

The motorized four-wheelers run a stimulating course over rough ground ready to challenge any eager biker. You can arrange match races between members of your party, while those waiting their turn can cheer their comrades from a comfortable viewing point.

If racing isn’t what will stir you, perhaps the opportunity of a shooting party using AK-47s has greater appeal.

Travelers from Britain are unlikely to ever have the chance of shooting the famous Russian Kalashnikov weapon at home, but Brno can provide a supervised opportunity on a range. You can return from your excursion to Brno as “hot shots” of Eastern Europe.

Stag partyEstonia offers your stag party Tallinn, the oldest capital in Northern Europe. On the shores of the Gulf of Finland, the city presents a blend of historical architecture and modern construction.

With its northern climate, it offers an occasion for many winter sports, including ice cricket. Opportunities to play ice cricket can be had (depending on the weather) on the surface of Lake Harku or in an old Soviet missile factory.

When played outdoors, the wicket is carved from ice, and the ball is colored red for ease in seeing it during play.

Your party can participate in one of the tournaments or can play a couple of matches against a local team. If that chills you too much, Tallinn also can give you and your companions the opportunity for a Demolition Derby, using old Russian cars.

You can certainly warm yourselves up with the thrill of out-racing (or out-ramming) your friends on the course.

These are only a few of the opportunities available for Eastern Europe stag parties looking to leap out of the UK in search of something new and exciting. The cities of Eastern Europe are waiting to greet you.